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how to stop premature ejaculation

How to stop premature ejaculation? I have firsthand experience.


I used to ejaculate in 10 seconds. Now 20 or 30 minutes is under control, depending on my mind. It’s not so difficult to revive, but the key is strategy and method.


After many years of ups and downs, insight and thinking, I give the seconds-male(ejaculate in seconds) refers to right road. It’s not hard to be a macho guy.

Sorry for wrote in Chinenglish. Hope u guys enjoy it. haha…


Sexual conflict between men and women.


Men over excitement, very enjoy sexual pleasure, then, doomed premature ejaculation, women are doomed to dissatisfaction.


Men exclude sexual excitement, do not enjoy sexual pleasure, then it can endure, women can be very satisfied.


Men should enjoy the high pleasure of controlling women and conquering women, not lower physiological pleasure. Perhaps this is the realm of love, love, love, to pay, to love each other.

Ejaculation process analysis


As you all know, ejaculation occurs because sexual excitement accumulates to a certain point and reaches the established threshold. Process is as follows:

External stimuli (hand or approach stimulation, female voice stimulation, visual stimulation and so on), and nerve conduction to the brain flashball brain make treatment to stimulate signal into sexual excitement (or not transformation, transformation, transformation of weak strong) flashball sexual excitement and cumulative output (deliberately pause and distraction can be destroyed the excitement of cumulative) flashball excitement accumulated to a certain height, the end of ejaculation.



Careful analysis of the process, it is not difficult to find ways to cut off fast ejaculation:

  1. change external stimuli. Adjust the speed of the plug, women do not call, turn off the lights, make love, reduce visual stimulation, etc., can change the external stimulus source. Glans desensitization is also included in this column.
  2. change the brain’s treatment of external stimuli and reduce the output of sexual excitement. I think this is the core of the cure for premature ejaculation. The brain can imagine a shadow of a terrible ghost, can put a woman sexy to imagine incomparable milk ejaculation (many grass root can imagine female stars and excessive excitement, ejaculation) can also imagine a woman’s breasts into a piece of fat meat. So the brain is really awesome, equal to anything can summon wind and call for rain. The brain can squeeze vaginal stimulation coming, into sexual excitement, also can not transform (such as listening to music, watching TV, and did not feel. On the line to which the brain signal did not do processing, no sexual excitement)
  3. reduce the accumulation of sexual excitement. The brain processes external stimuli and makes sexual excitement. This time of excitement has been formed, will enter the excitement of inventory, in order to prevent sexual excitement full warehouse, we can only open the granaries, put out too much excitement. (pause, breathe deeply, divert attention, etc.)

With no words to describe this process: the external stimulus is raw material, the brain is processing machine, sexual excitement is brain output. The product full warehouse, you go away. Therefore, in order to fill the warehouse, we can manage it from three aspects: raw materials, processing machines and inventory. Do we understand?


Negative induction of brain

When a part of the brain’s functional center is excited, it inhibits the excitement of other central nervous systems around it.

For example, when you see films, your brain central (fast shot, very excited, then you go away quickly.) other nerve can be suppressed (do not want to do other things, blind, deaf to other things), this is the so-called porn, fall in business.


For example, when you’re really focused on your own affairs and are busy doing important business, where do you want to have sex?. At this point, you have a numbing feeling about women and sex, that is, you don’t feel any stimulation. A friend who has this experience will understand what I mean.

When you focus on sex, your sperm on the brain, central excited woman traces to you, are very stimulating and exciting (about any woman’s breath, you can process the output of a large number of sexual excitement). Have masturbation habits of friends, is full of customers and the brain, walking in the street is a gun, they don’t just blame the premature ejaculation

When you concentrate on your career, your sexual center will be inhibited, and gradually you will feel numb about sex information, or even lose interest in sex. (a lot of workaholics do.). Of course, this is excessive suppression, nor desirable.

What we need is moderate inhibition, not excessive excitability of the brain center, nor excessive inhibition.


What is conditioned reflex?


Conditioned reflex, as the name suggests, consists of two parts: condition + reflex. That is, the brain meets certain conditions and makes a habitual response. Some reflexes are innate, and some are acquired.


Premature ejaculation is the conditioned reflex of the day after tomorrow: the condition of sexual stimulation (for example, porn + masturbation) is the habitual reflex of the brain (sexual arousal is rapidly increasing and ejaculation). When you change the condition, conditioning before is not established; for example, before watching film + masturbation, now I see Japanese film + masturbation, at this time of conditioning conditions changed, then reflection is not established.


Formation of conditioned reflexes in rapid masturbation:

Imagine a woman masturbation + + ejaculation urgent pursuit of pleasure, and slowly transition to the pursuit of pleasure, masturbation + urgently, the brain will have on your thoughts and memory response, so came step by step, the brain form a conditioned reflex: masturbation (weak stimulation) flashball rapid ejaculation (brain habit, weak tremendous stimulus amplification, quickly converted to strong sexual excitement, full of Yi Jing) library.


Of course, when you have sex, the vagina (weak stimulus) – fast ejaculation, this reflex is also natural. It’s a habitual reaction from the brain to you, used to it.


From now on, you must follow the golden rule that love will last 15 minutes. (make the brain habitual, slow, slow, or convert all kinds of stimuli, slowly produce sexual excitement, make sex exciting, and make it lean 15 minutes later). 15 minutes become habits, habits become natural.


As soon as the brain becomes a habit of slow processing and sexual excitement, time naturally grows. The core here is the transformation of sexual excitement, rapid transformation, or gradual transformation. Everything is a habit, a habitual reflex.

Well, I wrote it here first, and if you feel good, remember to share it with your friend.

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