kamagra introduction · sexual dysfunction

How to make love?

Prepare things:

the cheapest kamagra (a health care drug that keeps your penis strong for a long time, which is better and cheaper than viagra),

condoms (can let you enter more easily),

sterilized cotton and anti-inflammatory ointment (if the woman is broken, bleeding, scrub),

a change of underwear and skirt for her.


First of all, you want to make your girlfriend emotional, women love, and the following will be lubricated. Don’t worry when you do it, just try to insert it when you come up, so you are sure to fail. The first two people embrace together, sweet love each other. Then slowly touch each other’s sensitive parts, so that the two sides slowly estrus.

Then you can have more awareness of stroke or licking her most sensitive parts (including pussy) should be clear on this. While kissing, stroking or licking, you can also speak in her ear to some of her emotional words.


Next is the key, must wait when she wanted, when she asked you to insert the tape, then she holds your organs slowly into, do not use strong, she should be to control the schedule, so she wouldn’t be nervous and fear, will be more enter.


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