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Glans is really too sensitive?

  1. when most friends masturbate for the first time, they can masturbate for a long time. Can their penis not be sensitive at that time? But with the passage of time, the glans becomes more and more sensitive? Logically speaking, the glans contact with the external environment more, touch more, should be less sensitive to ah, how will be more sensitive?

2., many premature ejaculation friends, including masturbation, seconds shooting friends, when they are distracted (such as watching TV, watching the game, listening to songs), you can masturbate for a long time. Is it true that when they listen to the game, the glans is not immediately sensitive? Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether the game is sensitive to the glans penis or not.

From the above two points, I boldly come to the next conclusion: glans sensitive is a false proposition. The glans skin delicate, rich nerve endings, its structure determines the function of its features: contact with the external environment, can stimulate the delicate feelings more (hand masturbation, direct stimulation, stimulation signal extrusion) came from the world. This is the instinct of the glans penis.

For most friends, the cause of premature ejaculation is not the glans, but the brain’s treatment of external stimuli. Fast and slow conversion, more and less, this is the key reason.

The core of this article is how to regulate brain stimulation on the transformation of processing work, enable the brain to external stimuli do weak processing, and slowly transformed into sexual excitement, gradually let the excitement inventory full, treat woman after Yi Jing library full climax.

For durable men, energy-saving continuous Choucha (strong stimulus) has not much pleasure, because their brains of these strong external stimuli and not processed into sexual excitement. Otherwise, can they stand it?

For premature ejaculation men, weak stimuli (mild Choucha, skin contact, a woman brought groans) extremely intense sexual pleasure, because their brains are fast processing of these small and habitual stimuli, processing into a great number of sexual excitement, excitement of rapid accumulation to shoot a ejaculation threshold, alas

Ladies and gentlemen, can you make sense of what I mean: whether it is permanent or not, the key lies in the brain.

You can turn a woman’s moans into tons of sexual excitement and ejaculate quickly. You can also use 20 minutes of intense pumping to become a weak sexual excitement. Fast and slow change, more and less, are habits, or conditioned reflex. Therefore, I let you the ultimate purpose of training is to develop slowly, and weak transformation of external stimulus habits, regardless of external stimulation strong, I will slowly, weak transformation, or transformation, tried to reduce sexual excitement (brain processed products) output and accumulation.


So, the point is, how do we improve the habit of brain processing stimuli, and how to make the brain slow and slow to produce sexual excitement (in constant insertion and constant pumping)?.

  1. truly focus on your career and work, to work intoxicated, usually do not want any pornographic things, thereby inhibiting the excitability of the central brain. (so the work is done very well, and can get rid of the second shot trouble, why not?). That’s the real distraction. Many premature ejaculation friends, only know the spread of attention on the bed, and that effect is greatly reduced. Focus on career, ignore pornography, let your sexual center numb, this is my rapid promotion 15 minutes above the first magic weapon.

2., not the pursuit of pleasure. If you have a desire for pleasure, then you lose at the starting line. Remember: the pursuit of pleasure is the pursuit of fast, transformative excitement, accumulation of sexual excitement, which is very terrible.

Make love. Anyway, please do it for 15 minutes. Before ejaculation, stop, take a deep breath, relax, and continue after the sensation is gone. In any case, please hold on until 15 minutes later. Slowly, 15 minutes become a habit, just like premature ejaculation. Persistence is so natural

5., when inserted, the adaptation phase is extremely important, this is the place where countless men tumble, and also one of the root causes of premature ejaculation. It was also the most important weapon for me to speed up 15 minutes.

If your goal is to run a kilometer, your process should be like this: warm-up before the game, control the rhythm of the first two hundred meters, let the body gradually into the race, and finally sprint finish. If you don’t even have a warm-up, start 100 meters at the start. Can you run down 1000 meters? World champion can not do it!

As a result, lovemaking and long-distance running are extremely similar, requiring a very, very important adaptive phase to allow the body to enter into a competitive state.

When I first began to insert, I suggested, just inserted into, do not move, deliberately let oneself feel vaginal damp and hot, so feel 2 minutes, or even 2 minutes or more, no problem. This is a very, very critical 2 minutes, and it’s an essential part of lovemaking. This stage allows your penis to adapt to the vaginal temperature and humidity, so that the body into the competitive state. (at this stage, you can touch a woman and flirt without interference.)

Then, slowly, slowly twitch, be sure to slow down and adapt yourself to the stimulation of slow insertion. Always bear in mind that you don’t stop when you have a strong feeling. It was too late, and it was hard to save. The penis can feel damp and hot all the time, but can not experience the intense pleasure absolutely. If you feel a little excited, stop immediately.



This stage is cautious, even a little feeling of torture. But it’s of great significance. Once you get to this stage, you can soar. Just like the 3000 meter race, you adjust the body through the first 500 meters into the competitive state, the body getting better, fatigue greatly weakened, even breathing, his speed freely, can control the rhythm of the game.

It’s true, too, that when you’ve honed and adapted for a few minutes, you’ll find the vagina no longer stimulating. You can even pump it in for a few minutes. And then slow, slow, rhythm free control.

In a word: the first 2 minutes, or even 35 minutes, go in, do not move, or move very slowly, and adapt yourself to this environment. Once you get used to it, your chicken is numb. For persistent males, the chicken’s numbness is normal. But this numbness is not a result of drugs, but an instinctive expression of Physiology

  1. take a deep breath and breathe deeply. That’s another magic weapon for my quick 15 minute promotion.

N everyone knows it’s important to breathe deeply. However, there are only 5 people who really have the patience to do deep breathing more than once. This shows that the execution of modern people is too bad. Love before, in, after, deep breathing accompanied. If you feel the thrill of intense, at this time, you can have the patience to do more than 5 times the deep breath, I assure you the pleasure has disappeared more than half. The key is, do you have the patience to take a deep breath?

Deep breathing is extremely important, deep breath and let your body relax, deep breath allows you to quickly divert your attention to your breathing, deep breathing can cause accumulation of sexual excitement quickly leaked, so as not to a library full spermatorrhoea.

Deep breathing is a very important skill for a lasting man.

Finally, to say, look at the film, for me, damage is very large, not for me. I advocate, never see, never let the brain clean, obscenity, focus on business, thereby inhibiting the brain central, let the brain for women and pornography, blind deaf, indifferent calm, thus to external stimulation do weak slow into sexual excitement, persistence will be very very simple. For half an hour, and then at any time, seemingly not difficult to control.


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