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What are the Real Side Effects of Viagra, Kamagra or any other Sexual Medicine?

What are the Real Side Effects of Kamagra?

Some buyers worried about the side effects of kamagra.
They always asking is it safe? Does it hurt health? Can I take kamagra without worry?
Ok, all these questions are very good. After reading this article you will know what it is and what to do.

What are the Real Side Effects of Viagra, Kamagra or any other Sexual Medicine?

direct kamagra uk · sexual dysfunction

What are the side effects of kamagra?


Like every medicine has its side effects, kamagra also does.


what is the side effects of kamagra

According to Wikipedia, the picture above, kamagra may lead you to headache and heartburn…

So, buy it before you know it. There is not perfect pill in the world.

Physical exercise is the best way to make you healthy and strong.

No more masturbation, focus your mind on your career is the best way to cure ed to young people.

If you are an elder, don’t have kamagra twice in a day. That’s harmful to health. Please read the instruction before use.


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How long should you last when having sex?

Instead of telling you guys how long to last, I’m going to tell you how to have fun.

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direct kamagra uk

Most women want things over with within 30 minutes. We get tired of it, just like we get pussy if you only last 2 minutes. But on consensus we like it 15 to 30 minutes long.


Secondly, foreplay especially when you are not really ready to get in and do your thing, or you think you won’t last long enough, foreplay can entice her into a better feeling if you know what I mean.


Thirdly, if you’ve made our woman or your man (whatever you prefer) happy and they are on cloud nine, then it doesn’t matter how long you last after that.


You have to try to last more than 20 minutes. According to some studies, most females can achieve an orgasm in 20 – 30 min. But sometimes it depends also on the foreplay or the positions you are using, there are some condoms and positions to last more while having sex.

direct kamagra uk
direct kamagra uk

Wish u have fun…

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How to be an Energetic Man

Being an energetic man is very important in life and work.

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British sex life survey: the sex life of young people is a great disappointment to me

Most young people in Britain are poor students. For them, the only thing they can enjoy without spending money is probably sex. (Author thinks you should also spend a little money on our: cheap kamagra for better sex feeling)

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Through all kinds of small software, young people can just spread their seeds to the ends of the earth. Now more and more advocate women’s sexual freedom, so this time, almost no what can prevent young people have sex anymore.

However, recently, when the British made a survey on the quality of life in young people, the official said, “I’m disappointed in the quality of your young people’s sexual life.”!

“Sex” this knowledge is really broad and profound, not only to prevent the spread of disease, but also to avoid the risk of pregnancy.

The survey shows that the British, many young people feel lovemaking is difficult to reach the climax, also often encounter various difficulties, in this case, Britain’s health experts dispatched, in order to improve the British youth lovemaking level, the British government’s broken heart.

The main difficulty for young people to meet during sex because of pain.

33.8% of 16 to 21 year old sexually active young men and 44.4% of their female counterparts experienced at least one such problem and lasted for at least three months.

Young people in Britain really need sexual guidance to avoid the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancies, according to a survey conducted by the British national attitudes toward sexual life.

The biggest problem for women is the difficulty of reaching orgasm. 21.3% of female respondents said they had difficulty reaching orgasm. In addition, the lack of a sense of joy of life (9.8%), pain (9%), vaginal dryness (8.5%), anxiety (8%) and (8%) without the feeling of excitement, but also women encounter in sexual problems.

As for men, the biggest problem is to reach orgasm too quickly. 13.2% of men have this problem. In addition, 8.3% of men had difficulty reaching orgasm, 7.8% were difficult to maintain an erection, 5.4% did not enjoy sex, and 4.8% felt anxious.

Sponsored by the British Medical Research Council and the Department of health, according to a survey, 1875 of 16 to 21 years of life and 517 frequent sexual life is frequent boys and girls: the problem of sexual life not only the old British met, young people in Britain are subjected.

“If we want to improve the quality of human life in Britain, we should start with young people,” said Dr Kirstin Mitchell, the lead author of the survey. Give them guidance on the part of their sexual life at the very beginning. Otherwise, lack of sexual knowledge and sexual anxiety can affect their relationship with men and women and their enjoyment of sexual life.”

Of the sexually active, 9.1% of young men and 13.4% of women say they are often depressed because the problem of sexual life has not been resolved for at least three months. Another important finding is that men and women respond to a very different sexual life. More women (9.8%) had less sexual pleasure than men (5.4%), while women (8%) felt more anxious than men (4.8%).

In addition, many people expressed a lack of interest in sex. 22% of women say they have a slight frigidity, but only 10.5% of men do.

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Many young people lack the courage to seek sexual solutions for professionals. Although 36.3% of women and 26% of men say they have sought help and counseling about sex, these are usually not authoritative through family, friends, the Internet and the media.

Only 4% of men and 8% of women to seek help from a consultant or professional doctor.

“Sex education in the United Kingdom usually lacks guidance in sexual satisfaction,” says expert Kaye Wellings. But these should be made known to young people. Sex education also has more room for development in science, sexual knowledge, sexual pleasure, and sexual relationships.”

Sex education in schools is really bad now. It’s just teaching kids how to put a condom on a banana. What’s the use of it?

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4 Ways to Improve Women’s Sex Drive

Female sexuality is affected by many factors, such as physiological factors, psychological factors, mental, social and social pressure. Of course, there is also the disharmony between emotional life and sexual life, such as a husband that is as strong as having viagra or kamagra, which can also lead to a decrease in female sexual desire.

So what about female sexuality? Is there any way to improve your libido?


First. Make the psychological factors clear

1.Consult a mental health specialist to determine if you have some form of depression. Depression and anxiety disorders are often accompanied by decreased sexual desire. Before resolving sexual decline, first identify and treat depression.

Sometimes, doctors prescribe antidepressants to improve symptoms of depression. Some prescription drugs can also lower your libido, so you have to tell your doctor that your libido has gone down, and that changing his medicine often prevents further sexual desire.

2.Consult a therapist to confirm your sexual self-esteem. What’s your sexual attitude? Are you sexually attractive? What do you think of yourself? Why? Although we must have high sexual self-esteem, many factors can affect it, including abuse, harassment, obesity and humiliation.

If problems involve your partner, be sure to let them know. Counseling an experienced therapist or counselor who is concerned with the loss of libido, and actively addressing these psychological factors with partners.

3.Communicate with your partner how you feel. Your sexuality also affects your partner, so make sure they know it and try to improve your sexual life together. Honest communication allows you to understand how to enjoy sex and the desire of the other person. Make sure you figure out what you expect of sex.

Lack of communication is definitely a sexual killer. Try to think: if you don’t talk to your partner, how do they know what you like, and what do you dislike? Open your heart, be honest with yourself, tell your partner about your desires and feelings of disgust. Maybe you like your partner to touch you in some way, and it’s hard to arouse your libido without doing so. Point it out explicitly, and tell him he needs to stimulate his sexuality to keep his libido alive.

Continuous communication means more than just communicating. You also have to communicate other life issues, such as work and money. If your partner has done all that you need to do in your sexual life, perhaps your sexual decline is caused by other factors, such as resentment over money problems.

4.Money, work, health, and the family all contribute to stress. Find the main sources of stress in your life and take the necessary steps to keep your balance.

Massage, exercise, or maintain a healthier work and life balance. Only you know how to do it to relieve your stress most effectively. Communicate more with your partner, increase intimacy, and help manage stress. Schedule intimate time and consider it as a priority.


5.Set aside some time to make yourself sexy. When you’re busy, you may find yourself slowly losing interest in sex. It doesn’t sound sexy at all, but every week, take some time to appreciate your body and help your libido. If you want your partner to be involved, you don’t have to make love. It’s important to maintain intimacy.

Don’t worry about being sexy. You’ve been busy with your kids, going to school, working, preparing dinner, and sleeping with kids. You’re exhausted and your sexuality is going down. But as long as you plan interesting activities, you expect it to come all day long, set aside this time, forget the troubles in your life, and focus entirely on yourself.



Second. Make the psychological factors clear

1.Check for endocrine problems or chronic diseases that can affect sexual desire. Thyroid disease is an endocrine problem that affects menstruation and reduces sexual desire. Anemia, diabetes and other chronic diseases are also known to lower libido. After the diagnosis, the doctor can help you solve these problems.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, don’t focus on falling in love and looking for other ways to achieve sexual pleasure. Without the pressure of lovemaking, libido will come back naturally.


2.Quit smoking


 3.Understand the effects of contraceptives on the body.Women who take certain contraceptives may suffer from decreased libido. The effect of the pill on the body depends on the chemistry in the body and on the hormone in the pill.

If you’ve been eating the same pill for the first time, but only recently have you begun to feel less sexual desire, it may be a change in your body. Physical changes may also be caused by other causes, but don’t rule out the possibility of the pill so soon. Pay close attention to the exact changes in your body and tell the doctor that he will help you make sure the culprit is the pill.


4.Natural transition to menopause. As you age, your libido declines. Age affects everyone differently. Sexual decline is most common in women forty or fifty years of age.

Postmenopausal women often suffer from loss of libido and inadequate lubrication of the vagina. Sexuality is directly related to whether you can enjoy sex. If your vagina is not lubricated, try buying a bottle of body lubricant at the drugstore.


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